Ecohydraulics Class - WATS 6900

Course Overview & Intro to Ecohydraulics


We introudce the topic of ecohydraulics and the plan for the semester by diving in to the a State of the Science article we published on Upscaling Site-Scale Ecohydraulic Models to Inform Salmonid Population-Level Life Cycle Modelling and Restoration Actions – Lessons from the Columbia River Basin (Wheaton et al. 2017) , based on our experience in running the Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program to explore whether ESA-listed anadromous salmon populations could be recovered through tributary habitat improvements.

Why we’re covering it

This paper provides us with a roadmap for the organization of the rest of the class. Its section § headings map perfectly to the modules we cover in the class:

♠ - Topics not covered in depth in paper, but prerequisites to being able to apply subsequent steps.


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