Ecohydraulics Class - WATS 6900

River Styles


We need to use a network scale estimate of “physical habitat” or geomorphology, to upscale our site-scale ecohydraulic analysis to the population scale at the network. We used the River Styles Framework to do that.


2020 Slides

2020 Lectures

Part 1 - Where we’re at

River Styles Framework Intro

In this 19 minute video we provide an overview of the River Styles framework, its uptake and applicability internationally, and why we’re using it here.

Stage 1 - Character & Behavior

In this 21 minute video we dive into the application of Stage 1 of the River Styles framework:

Stage 2 - Geomorphic Condition

In this 13 minute video we explain Stage 2 of the River Styles framework:

Stage 3 - Recovery Potentatial

In this 11 minute video we cover stage 3 of the River Styles framework:

Stage 4 - Management Applications

In this 6 minute video, we cover stage 4 of the River Styles framework, which brings everything together.

Reminder of Fluvial Taxonomy

The Wheaton et al. (2015) Fluvial Taxonmy was something we covered in our fluvial geomorphology module, but its helpful now that we understand the River Styles Framework, to remind ourselves of the detail it provides at the reach-scale. This 11 minute video reviews what we covered previously:

Network Scale Predictions of? For?

This is a little four minute recap of what we’re going to use River Styles for, in the end.

Example Applications

Middle Fork John Day

This 11 minute video is loptional, but shows an example of complete application of the River Styles Framework, for the Middle Fork John Day.

Lower White River

This 10 minute video is optional, but shows a Colorado Plateau example of application of the River Styles Framework and what you get when you add a little closer look at confinement mapping and the flavor confining margins.


In this 5 minute video, I explain your homework assignment for applying River Styles to Temple Fork.

2015 Fluvial Taxonomy


SeeEcohydraulics Literature - Zotero collection hosted on Zotero and available for download.

Brierley & Fryirs (2005)

Fyirs & Brierley (2013)